“3rd Collaboration of Calligraphy and Tea” Event notification

For celebrating the Children’s Day, May 6th, we will be hosting an event related to Japanese calligraphy and Japanese tea, having the calligrapher, Mouri Suzuki. This event is themed on « as it is ».

On Children’s Day, we pray the good growth and health for boys. This theme « as it is » is inspired by the world « Magokoro », meaning a “true heart”, such as a pure heart of infants. In the midst of busy days, why don’t you refresh your mind by immersing yourself in the calligraphy and tea?

This event is a workshop-style event where you can engage with calligraphy and tea under the guidance of Mr. Suzuki. You can also enjoy this year’s new tea and traditional Japanese sweets. You can take your own calligraphy home with you. Everyone is welcome to join, so please check out the details below and apply for this event.

Date:Monday, May 6th, 2024
Time: 9:00-10:45 a.m.
Place: Sakurai tea experience
5F, spiral building, 23-6-5, Minamiaoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Fee: 12,000 (tax included)

We will prepare some souvenirs for all the participants.
In case of cancellations on the event’s day, there will be no refunds.

Capacity: 8 people
We will accept applications until the total capacity is reached.

【Profile of Mouri Suzuk】
He is hosting « Hakujitsukyou » , a studio and a practice room for calligraphy at Kagurazaka in Tokyo.
He believes in « 心正則筆正 », which means that if you are feeling right about yourself, your calligraphy will show it. In other words, he is respecting the way you feel, not only the way you use the brush. He also established a brand called « sillage ». Sillage means the wake and the lingering scent. So he is designing the atmosphere and the scent based on his belief that we can seize some things because they are not here in front of us, which is what he learned through the calligraphy.

We accept applications via link below.
Application Page

We accept applications in order of arrival.



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