“Obukucha” New Year’s Luck Tea

«Obukucha» is a tea brewed by the first boiled water of the year and traditionally enjoyed on New Year’s Day, wishing good health and happiness.

We have blended seven ingredients known to bring good fortune along with green tea.

Green tea: To live grounded and connected to the earth.
Brown rice: Wishing for a bountiful harvest.

Rice popcorn: The sacred colors representing ‘goodness’ and ‘purity’.

Black beans: To live robustly. Black is a protective color against evil spirits.

Musubikobu(Tied kelp): “Musubi” means “Mutsubi”, representing harmonious, and “Kobu” means “Yorokobu”, representing rejoice.

Kachiguri(Dried chestnut): The chestnuts pounded and peeled in a mortar. Since “Kachi” means the victory, samurai would eat it hoping for victory before setting off for war.

Chenpi: Having beneficial effect on blood circulation and promotes stomach robustness.

Pickled plum: To live long enough to develop wrinkles. Sharing the vitality of flowers enduring the winter and blooming ahead of others.



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